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What is the consistency check of fire products and standards?

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2020-06-18 16:40

The so-called product consistency refers to the conformity degree between the mass-produced products and the certified type inspection qualified samples. Product consistency inspection is a kind of inspection on the conformity degree of the certified products in batch production and the qualified samples in product nameplate mark, product key parts and materials, product characteristics, etc. it is one of the technical means to track and determine whether the quality of the certified products continuously meets the requirements of market access and mandatory standards. Therefore, the consistency inspection of the products is very important for the accuracy It is of great significance to ensure and improve the quality of products.

Hui Bang

What are the inspection requirements and contents for the consistency inspection of fire products?
1. Purpose of inspection
The conformity inspection shall be carried out for the certified products of mass production and the qualified samples of type inspection in respect of the conformity degree of product nameplate marks, key parts and materials of products, product characteristics, etc., so as to provide the key basis for determining the effectiveness of the operation of the conformity control procedure of factory products and whether the product quality can continuously meet the certification standards.
2. Inspection type
The consistency inspection of fire products is divided into initial inspection and post certification supervision inspection.


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