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10 fire extinguishers out! A fire broke out in Zhongshan No.1 community. Your family may also have a fire

At 10:24 a.m. yesterday, a fire broke out in Longxing garden, Shaxi Town. Two electric vehicles were burned in the fire. Fortunately, there were no casualties. According to the resident Miss Huang, she suddenly saw the A8 downstairs electric car fire on the balcony, immediately called the fire, and then informed the community security personnel to put out the fire, which took about 10 fire extinguishers to put out the fire.

Car street spontaneous combustion, Luohe police picked up the fire extinguisher and rushed up

At 9:30 a.m. on August 10, Li Zhanfang, a police officer of the urban-rural integration demonstration area of the traffic management detachment of Luohe Public Security Bureau, and Chen Peng, the auxiliary police officer, were on patrol. They received an alarm notice when a car was travelling from west to east at the intersection of Qianshan Road and Mudanjiang Road. They rushed to the scene of the accident immediately.

What is the consistency check of fire products and standards?

The so-called product consistency refers to the conformity degree between the mass-produced products and the certified type inspection qualified samples. Product consistency inspection is a kind of inspection on the conformity degree of the certified products in batch production and the qualified samples in product nameplate mark, product key parts and materials, product characteristics, etc. it is one of the technical means to track and determine whether the quality of the certified products continuously meets the requirements of market access and mandatory standards. Therefore, the consistency inspection of the products is very important for the accuracy It is of great significance to ensure and improve the quality of products.

When I met a fire in a residential building, the veterans climbed up the third floor with fire extinguishers

On the afternoon of May 4, Ge Xinlei and his wife had just visited their aunt who was ill in the residential area of Daye territory of Yining City. They were ready to drive to deliver the goods. Suddenly, they heard someone shouting, "fire! Put out the fire quickly". He looked up and saw that the flames on the opposite floor were smoking from the balcony on the third floor. The fire source of the house is close to the natural gas pipeline and transformer. Once the fire spreads, it will endanger the lives and property of other households. In order to avoid the spread of the fire, he didn't think so much, immediately stopped the car and quickly took out the 4kg portable dry powder fire extinguisher from the trunk and rushed to the fire site risking his life.

the party for celeberate company establish ten years

the party for celeberate company establish ten years

Positive Pressure Attack for Ventilation and Firefighting

In recent decades, lightweight building construction and the use of manmade materials in construction and furnishings have become increasingly common. The time until structural failure can be

Hot weather hinders firefighting in north China forest

More than 20,000 firemen are battling lighting-triggered forest fires in northeast China as continuous hot weather undermines their efforts, forest fire prevention authorities said. The fire

The greatest firefighting invention since the ladder

Fires: they burn houses down and ruin lives. But they also make fireworks work. smores smore and pipes smoke. OH THE DICHOTOMY! But what's a fire department to do when they get a rush-hour call that a child has set a recycling bin full of his sister's Barbies ablaze and

Armed police forest contingent upgrades trans-regional fire-fighting capability

At 9:00 am on August 27, a forest at Xintian Town of Wanzhou District, some 300 km away from the urban area of Chognqing Municipality, caught fire. Upon receiving the order, 108 officers and men of the Armed Police Sichuan Forest Contingent stationed in the area trans-regionally raced to the burning area immediately. After nearly two hour's hard efforts, the dangerous situation was removed.
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