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A group of kindergarten children carried out a small study on the fire extinguisher. It turns out that different kinds of fire need to match different fire extinguishers

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2020-12-30 15:53

Hui Bang

Strengthening fire safety awareness is a "compulsory course" for every child. The children's curiosity was "ignited" when class 5 of Kyoto Experimental Kindergarten in Hangzhou held a fire escape and evacuation drill. The story of them and "fire fighting" began with the discussion of "fire fighting"——
"Why do fires happen so often?"
"What's in the fire brigade?"
"How was the fire put out?"
For the fire, the fifth class children and teachers have studied. The children learned that in addition to the common dry powder extinguishers and water based fire extinguishers, there were also carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, foam extinguishers and 1211 fire extinguishers. The original fire extinguisher is not omnipotent, different kinds of fire need to match different fire extinguishers, it is very important to choose the right fire extinguisher when a fire occurs.


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