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Technical parameters:

1.Power Source: 6VDC (4AA size 1.5V alkaline batteries)

2.Transmit and Receive frequency: 433.92 MHZ

3.Transmit Bandwidth: 500KHZ

4.Max. Transmit and Receive distance: 50 Meters

5.Max. wireless interconnection: 20 units

6.Steady current: 250uA

7.Alarm current: 6mA

8.Operating Temperature: 0℃-40℃

9.Ambient Humidity: Less than 45%-75%RH

10.Product size: 12.7X12.7X4cm


Qty./ctn     Carton Size            Qty./Container

100pcs    66X26.7X49.5cm       20ft-32100pcs/40ft-64200pcs

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