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·  Key Specifications/Special Features:

·  Input voltage: 240VAC (50Hz/60Hz) +/-10%

·  Battery: 24VDC

·  Charging voltage protection: 1.6Ah glass fuse

·  Sounder output: 24V nominal EOL 10K resistor

·  Auxiliary contacts: 30VDC, 1A max. NC/NO

·  Main supply protection: glass fuse

·  Sounder protection: 2 x 500mA glass fuse

·  Reverse battery protection: charger glass fuse

·  Zone EOL: 5.6K resistor

·  Color: ivory

·  Zoned visual red alarm and yellow trouble indicators

·  Continuous signal during alarm

·  Built-in battery charger

·  Low / no power and battery detection

·  Automatic loading and testing of battery

·  Battery lead reversal protection

·  Evacuate (alarm resound)

·  LED test


LX- 801-4   Qty./ctn      Carton Size            Qty./Container

4pcs        36X30.2X50.8cm         20ft-2024pcs/40ft-4048pcs

LX-801-12   Qty./ctn      Carton Size            Qty./Container

2pcs       37X30.2X37.5cm         20ft-1336pcs/40ft-2672pcs

LX-801-20   Qty./ctn      Carton Size            Qty./Container

1pcs       35X14.1X47.5cm         20ft-1194pcs/40ft-2388pcs

LX-801-28   Qty./ctn      Carton Size            Qty./Container

1pcs       32X14.1X60cm           20ft-1034pcs/40ft-2068pcs

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